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Micron manufactures a variety of film products, including:

  • Flat tubing
  • Single and double wound sheeting
  • Centerfold sheeting
  • J-sheeting
  • Gusseted tubing
  • C-fold sheeting
  • Starfold tubing

All of the above products can be made to the following specifications:

  • Gauge: From 6 to 76 Microns; .25 to 3 Mils.
  • Width: 10" to 60"
  • 3" or 6" cores
  • We can match any color
  • Specialty additives and blends to suit your requirements
  • Roll Diameter - 12" to 40"

Film can be treated to your specifications for printing, coating, laminating and metalizing

Our products can be made from a wide variety of materials to suit your applications. Different types of high density polyethylene are available to match your film performance requirements including:

  • temperature
  • barrier
  • strength
  • clarity
  • gloss
  • sealability
  • cutability
  • stiffness
  • stretchability
  • high speed orientation

And many other properties that your film may require. Please contact us to discuss your individual needs.

We offer an inventory program to accommodate customers with just in-time requirements or fluctuating product needs.

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